Ramai juga peminat catur pinjam dan minta copy dari SM untuk rujukan dan simpanan mereka.

Banyak juga buku catur SM

Lagi buku catur dalam simpanan SM

Antara buku catur dalam simpanan SM ialah :-

1. Symmetrical english (David Cummings/Everyman Chess)

2. English Defence (Daniel King/Everyman Chess)

3. School of Chess Excellence 4 (Mark Dvoretsky)

4. Chess Success : Planning after the opening (Neil McDonald/Batsford Chess)

5. A guide To Chess Endings (Dr. Max Euwe and David Hooper)

6. Mastering the Chess Openings Volume 2 (John Watson/Gambit)

7. Forcing Chess Moves (Charles Hertan/New In Chess)

8.Play the Semi-Slav (David Vigorito/Quality Chess)

9. Grandmaster Chess Move by Move (John Nunn/Gambit)

10. Fundamental Chess Endings (Karsten Muller and Frank Laamprecht)

11. Secret of  Chess Endgame Strategy(Lars Bo Hansen/Gambit)

12. Win with the Stonewall Dutch(Sverre Johnsen and Ivar Bern/Gambit)

13. Silman’s Complete Endgame Course (Jeremy Silman)

14. 100 Endgames You Must Know (Jesus de la Villa/New In Chess)

15. Win with the London System (Sverre Johnsen and Vlatko Kovacevic/Gambit)

16. Winning Chess Tactics (Yasser Seirawan/Everyman Chess)

17. Understanding Chess Tactics (Martin Weteschnik/Quality Chess)

18. Perfect Your Chess (Andrei Volokitin and Vladimir Grabinsky/Gambit)

19. Dangerous Weapons : Queen’s Gambit (Richard Palliser,Glenn Flear,Chris Ward/Everyman Chess)

20. Dangerous Weapons : Flank Openings (Richard Palliser,Tony Kosten,James Vigus/Everyman Chess)

21. Practical Endgame Play (Neil Mcdonald/Cadogan Chess)

22. The Art of Chess Combination (Eugene Znosko Borovsky/Dover Publications)

23. Chess Self-Improvement (Zenon Franco/Gambit)

24. Back to Basics : Fundamentals (Branislav Francuski)

25. Winning Chess Brilliancies (Yasser Seirawan/Microsoft Press)

26. Pawn Sacrifice ! (Timothy Taylor/Everyman Chess)

27. Starting out : the sicilian (John Emms/Everyman Chess)

28. Learn from Bobby Fischer’s Greatest Games (Eric Schiller)

29. Play The Evans Gambit (Tim Harding and Bernard Cafferty/Cadogan Chess)

30. Strategic Chess-Mastering The Closed Game (Edmar Mednis/Dover Publications)

31. 606 Puzzles for Chess Nuts (Fred Wilson & Bruce Alberston)

32. The Classical French (Eduard Gufeld and Oleg Stetsko/Batsford)

33. The Complete Alekhine (Graham Burgess/Batsford)

34. The Ultimate King’s Indian Attack (Angus Dunnington (Batsford)

35. Chess Tactics For champions (Susan Polgar and Paul Truon)


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